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How Long Do Preserved Roses Last?

When we think or preserved roses, we often get reminded of Beauty and the Beast and the rose that lived on much longer than a regular rose does. We associate the kind of eternal magic that comes from such a rose to movies and fairy tales, but you might have heard that having a rose that lasts for years is now possible in real life.

They’re known as eternity roses, which are preserved flowers that can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. They are made from real roses and have the same aesthetic beauty and appeal as a freshly picked, vibrant rose from a rose garden. In fact, some might say they’re better than regular roses—because they require much less work to stay in good shape and can be kept for many years.

Here’s what you need to know about preserved roses and how they last for so long.

Are Preserved Roses Real?

Just because they can stay fresh and beautiful for years longer than a regular rose doesn’t mean these special flowers aren’t real. They are made from freshly picked roses in the gardens of Ecuador before being processed and turned into eternity roses—which means they’re preserved versions of the best flowers you’ll ever find.

These flowers are grown and carefully picked to include only the ones in their fullest bloom. Then, they’re put through a preservation process that replaces their internal substances with another preservation substance that keeps them fresh, upright, and vibrant. 

They’re also coloured using special pigments that can be changed according to your preferences. In fact, at Fleurs D’epargne, we offer up to 25 variations in colour, so you can alter them depending on the kind of occasion you need the flowers for.

To learn more about how we preserve our roses, head over to our Eternity Rose FAQ page. 

How Long Do They Last?

Because they are made from real roses, there is a time when these preserved roses will finally wilt and lose their original colour and aesthetic appeal. Depending on how safely you’ve kept them: away from sunlight and in the safety of their box, they can last for as many as three years.

This means that whether you’re gifting someone a bunch of these roses for a birthday, or you want them to know that you’re sorry for a mistake you made, they’ll have a box of roses to remember your thoughtfulness for years to come.

Some of the important aspects to consider when trying to get your preserved roses is not to tamper with them or move them out of their arrangement box. These flowers are already brought to you in the best conditions, so it’s smarter to let them be as they are to ensure they have a longer life.

Final Words

No matter what the event is, flowers are one of the most popular gift ideas across the world. Different cultures associate the gesture of giving flowers to different meanings—making it a universal gesture of giving and kindness.

If you want to gift someone an arrangement of flowers, you can browse through our entire collection of eternity roses for all occasions.

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