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What Are Eternity Roses?

Have you ever wanted to purchase a rose as a gift to a loved one but felt sad at how temporary that gift would be? Within a few days, a real rose wilts away and becomes nothing but a distant memory. However, there are ways to preserve real roses and turn them into eternity roses.

Eternity roses are made of real flowers—but they’ve been treated to last much longer than a normal rose. In fact, the roses in our collection can last as long as three years! They also come in a variety of colours for you to choose from, which means they can celebrated for romantic gestures, birthdays, or any other occasion. 

Our roses are brought all the way from Ecuador and treated to stay fresh and vibrant. Learn more about Eternity Roses on our Roses FAQ page

How are they different than real flowers?

What exactly are eternity roses and how are they made to last so much longer than regular roses that are freshly cut from your garden? The answer is that they are picked when the rose is at its most beautiful blooming state, dehydrated, and then filled with a special solution that consists of glycerine, wax, and other components that freezes a rose in the condition that it is in and preserves it so stay that way for years.

These roses are coloured to meet your requirements, so you can choose from up to 25 different options. Not only that, these roses can also be packaged in a variety of boxes and arrangements so that they feel unique and special for you and the recipient.

What are the best occasions for Eternity Roses?

There are so many different occasions when gifting an eternity rose is an excellent idea. From a Mother’s Day gift to any kind of anniversary, a rose that lasts for several years is a great way to create memory that lasts.

In fact, at Fleurs D’epargne, we also have a collection of roses that you can gift to someone when you’re trying to apologize. You can browse through all the products on our eternity roses collection page. The reason why eternity roses are becoming increasingly popular is because of how long they last—for up to 3 years.

Will they last an Eternity?

With the right care and attention, Fleurs D’epargne’s luxury boxed roses can last you up to 3 years. The arrangements are made by hand and include our famous eternity roses in a Parisian-fashion hat case or a transparent acrylic case—it’s your choice.

You can use these arrangements for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day. Because all the flowers in the arrangements have an almost matching appearance and a dreamy fragrance, they can be used in any event that calls for luxury.

Eternity Rose

Do We Have Real Roses in Our Arrangements?

Eternity roses are 100% real. At Fleurs D’epargne, we provide you with the best, most authentic quality of genuine roses. All the arrangements that our clients order are made from roses picked in Ecuador. 

What Is the Process Behind Eternity Roses?

Starting in Ecuador, an eternity rose starts its life when it is cared for and lovingly grown until it develops into a luxurious bloom. A fully bloomed set of roses are then picked and carefully moved to Vancouver, where they are prepared.

Each rose goes through a colourizing process to enhance its pigment. It is also put through a solution that ensures its beauty is preserved over time. This process turns the once-fragile roses into the flowers that stay fresh and in their original form for over 3 years, given that you take good care of them. 

Can Eternity Roses Last for 3 Years?

Our eternity real roses last up to 3 years when you shower them with proper attention and care. They fill any room with their bright fragrance and vibrant colours for an extended period of time. Unlike regular roses, which can last you a few weeks at the most, an arrangement of our roses will surprise you with its long-lasting scent and aesthetic beauty.

How Does One Take Care of Eternity Roses from Fleurs D’epargne?

If you want your eternity roses to last for 3 years, you have to keep several factors in mind. These roses must be tenderly cared for and handled very gently to ensure they do not lose their shape or are damaged. The box which the arrangement comes in should be their forever home—moving the flowers out can hurt their form.

Here are 6 of the most important things to keep in mind when caring for your eternity rose arrangement.

  1. The roses do not need to be watered.
  2. Keep them out of direct exposure to sunlight.
  3. Clean the flowers gently with a duster when necessary.
  4. Never place the flower box underneath a heavy object.
  5. Do not try to take the roses out of the box.
  6. Always keep the box of roses in room temperature.

It’s really that easy to take care of the luscious roses. You no longer have to groom and maintain the flowers the traditional way—only to have to dispose of them within a few weeks’ time. As long as you give them the specialized care they need, they can last you for up to 3 years.

What Are the Different Kinds of Arrangement Options?

There are endless arrangement options for our flowers. All our orders can be personalized as per your liking. Our team of designers and floral experts are more than willing to create a customized arrangement based on what you find most aesthetic and appealing. That’s why all our arrangements are unique. 

You can choose from up to 25 different colors for your roses. We also have an extensive variety of boxes made in Parisian style—so you can choose a classic box, a round case, a modern, transparent, acrylic box, a solid coloured box, or many other options. If you want an even more personalized option, you can place an order for our designers to create whatever pattern, symbol, or letter that you would like in the arrangement. 

Eternity Roses in a bucket

Should You Buy Eternity Roses As a Gift?

It’s almost always good idea to gift someone flowers when you’re unsure of what to buy. In fact, the reason why they’re always appreciated by a recipient is because they’ll have fresh smelling, aesthetically pleasing flowers in their workplace or living space without any of the maintenance required to take care of fresh cut flowers.

You just leave the eternity roses in the box or case that they are delivered in and make sure that you don’t put them in a place that exposes them to too much sunlight and you’re good to go. Shop the widest variety of Eternity Roses on our  collections page

Ready to Place an Order for a Personalized Arrangement from Fleurs D’epargne?

If you have made up your mind to gift your loved ones one of our gorgeous rose arrangements—you’re in luck. Ordering from us is now easier than ever before. You can go through our pre-existing arrangement options, best selling collections, and personalized pieces to get a better idea of what kind of design you want to order.

Our gallery offers endless ideas that will help you come up with an arrangement that you know your loved one is sure to like.

You can also get in touch with a representative from Fleurs D’epargne to guide you through the process and give you more advice. 

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