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Thank you for considering our services for floral gifts, arrangements, and corporate events. Please browse through our list of frequently asked questions about eternal roses and everlasting rose arrangements to learn more.


Can I cancel my order after I placed it?

Because all orders are custom made upon an order is received, we have the right to reject a cancellation request if we made and completed your order already. In some cases early enough, we may only offer a 50% refund to compensate the time and labor of our staff. As every order is customized, it makes us difficult at times to resell it at our retail stores.  

Eternity Roses, Preserved Roses, Lasting Roses, Forever Roses.. What's the difference?

There is no difference between lasting roses, forever roses, or eternity/eternal roses. You'll notice different companies will use their own terminology, but they all mean the same thing.. These roses are treated and preserved to last a year, or up to 3 years. 

Are Forever Roses Real? 

Yes, we cultivate and sell 100% naturally grown flowers sourced from our organic rose farm. We grow and harvest them in optimal conditions to ensure that you receive premium-quality roses. 

How Does Fleurs D’epargne Preserve Eternal Roses?

Each eternity rose goes through several stages of preservation to extend its lifespan.

  1. We make sure that our roses receive the best care possible during cultivation and harvest.
  2. Our associates carefully pick each rose at the right time to retain its freshness.
  3. Each rose undergoes a re-hydration process where it’s submerged in herbal solutions and glycerine to preserve its natural beauty.
  4. We use long-lasting, non-toxic natural dyes to colour the roses in unique hues.

The roses are then artfully arranged and packed for delivery after a quality assurance check.

How Long Do Forever Roses Last?

Our eternity roses can last for 3 years and more. 

You can increase their life span by:

  • Making sure that they stay in their specially-designed preservation boxes.
  • Minimize touching
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • No need for water

Caution: External elements and environment (i.e. heating, ventilation, humidity, and air conditioning) can alter the life expectancy of eternal roses.

Do Forever Roses Have a Smell?

Yes, they have a lovely fragrance.

Our premium fragrant eternal roses will smell fresh and new for years. We achieve this by infusing rose scent into our flowers after the preservation process is complete.

How Can I Get Eternal Roses in Vancouver? 

Fleurs D’epargne takes great pride in selling and arranging the best selection of forever roses in Metro Vancouver. You can drop by our stores in Metrotown, or Guildford mall or contact us for online delivery.

Where are we located? Head over to the contact page to find a boutique near you. 

COVID-10 Update FAQs

How Does Fleurs D’epargne Maintain Safety During COVID-19?

At Fleurs D’epargne, your safety and health are our priority. We monitor and follow CDC-approved protocols to ensure that our clients and associates stay safe during scheduled meetings and deliveries. 

Here are a few precautionary measures we take inside the boutique: 

  • The CDC guidelines are displayed for clients and associates on our window.
  • We clean and disinfect our studio regularly according to CDC instructions for open businesses. 
  • All staff members wear face masks and have received proper training on COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • We reduced boutique occupancy by 50% to maintain social distancing and create a safe and calm environment for our customers.
  • We request clients to wear face masks throughout the visit. We provide complimentary masks upon your arrival if required.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are created inside the store. Clients are requested to keep their hands sanitized and avoid touching surfaces during their tour/consultation.
  • Our associates maintain social distancing whenever they receive clients. We schedule appointments in intervals to ensure that they cater to one client at a time (to prevent overcrowding).

What’s more? Frequently touched surfaces (i.e. doorknobs, desks, sales equipment, display tables, and switches) are cleaned diligently before opening and closing the studio.  We also wipe down and sterilize digital devices after each client interaction.

FAQs: Special Events & Collaborations 

Can I Place a Custom Order?


Fleurs D’epargne offers several different bouquet arrangements, colours, and variations depending on individual needs. You have the choice to choose from pre-designed bouquet arrangements for eternity roses or place a customized order. 

We provide you with a selection of 35 different custom designs and 24 different rose colours. Rose shades include everything from metallic rose gold, multicoloured rainbow roses to pastel mint green roses and many other vibrant choices.

The first step is to confirm the size of the bouquet arrangement before moving towards other specific requirements. You can also select the material and style of packaging along with what goes inside your beautiful eternity rose bouquet box. 

Do You Do Bridal Bouquets and Weddings?

Thank you for considering us for your big day.

Fleurs D’epargne specializes in creating long-lasting bridal bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings all across Metro Vancouver and BC.  You may browse through our collection to place an order or schedule a free consultation for customization. Our rose specialist would love to arrange something exquisite and unique catching for your ceremony.

Do You Provide Corporate Gifts and Décor for Special Events?

Yes, we have a vast collection of corporate gift boxes and decoration options for promotional and social events.  Forever roses add a gorgeous element to your celebration. You can use them as a token of appreciation for employees or send personalized gifts to clients.  These preserved roses can cultivate deeper relationships with the recipient and increase brand value.

We can incorporate your brand colours, personalized messages to make the gifts more memorable.

Best of all, our specialists can arrange custom-made luxury gift boxes and bundles according to your budget and individual requirements. We recommend you to make the most of our consultation services to get expert advice for upcoming events. 

P.S: These beautiful eternity roses work well as office decorations too. You can place a few immaculately arranged bouquet boxes in the reception area, C-suite, and meeting rooms.    

How should I care for my preserved flowers?

 Please DO NOT WATER Preserved Flowers, Preserved Flower hates water and humidity.
Humidity may cause color fade or breed, liquid leaks and petal translucence.

● Please avoid direct sunlight and strong light.
Lights may cause color fade and dryness. Especially for lighter colored preserved flowers.

● Please avoid wind and air from air-conditioning / heater.
This may cause dryness and cause damaged, cracked flowers.

● Please try not to touch Preserved Flowers and mind your clothes, wall or furniture. 
Do not touch the flowers as they are delicate real flowers. Touching can cause dryness or wilting. Also, a special dye is used to preserve the color. 

● Perfect to keep Preserved Flowers in dust free environment
Blowing off the dust by a cool heat setting dryer (weak blow setting) is the ideal way to keep the flowers free of dust.

● Please do not remove flowers from their original box. 
The flowers belong to its own signature vase.

Fleurs D'épargne arrangements requires no water or sunlight to keep its natural beauty. The flowers will keep their look and feel natural for several months making the room vibrant all year round. No allergy worries as there are no pollen.

Arrangements can possibly last up to 2-3 years if handled properly with extra care. 

Note: Dipped roses such as Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver has the longevity of 3-6 months. Can last up to 1 year if handled properly with extra care and temperature. 



All fresh floral orders require a 50% non-deposit to secure and confirm the order. Changes may be made no later than 1.5 prior to the event date. For any cancellation requests, it may only be made 1.5 prior to the event due to preordering of flowers.

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