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What are Real Roses That Last A Year?

What are Real Roses That Last A Year?

“Flowers are love’s truest language.” – It IS the universal sign of love, wouldn't you agree?

Through the history of gift giving, people often gift flowers, a classic and convenient luxury, as their go-to choice. But today, we often hear from our loved ones, “I love flowers, but please don’t get me them. Flowers are beautiful, but I hate when they die suddenly, if only they could last longer.” Additionally, with the raising of cost goods, we’ve learned to be “smart shoppers,” and with that, we’ve become so reluctant to spend so much on something with such short longevity. 

Recently, flowers, specifically roses that can last up to a year aka “eternity roses” are at its peak state not only in condition, but popularity. A major factor to why it’s become more popular than ever is because the flowers are surprisingly, and incredibly low maintenance. 

If you're unfamiliar with eternity roses, then surely you're probably shocked, amazed and even confused. REAL flowers that can last a year? How could this be? Well, read more to find out…

The newest trend in the floral and gift giving industries are these real roses that last up to 365 days. Generally, the eternity roses are arranged in a hat bucket, or rose box for a sleek and minimalist look. A modern twist to the classic rose bouquet. 

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, we get it. They are real roses that last up to a year! BUT HOW? What type of sorcery is this?!” No sorcery, or magic here. Sorry to disappoint. Just plain, good old fashion, science. Another factor to the trending popularity of gifting flowers is because of the newly development in biotechnology.  We’ll explain the treatment process more below:

Step 1:
To preserve or treat a real rose to last long, the flower’s water content is dehydrated. Using special, non-toxic and non-corrosive chemicals, the sugar and pigments are also drawn out. The result is delicate and truculent petals. 

Step 2:
The flower is then “fed” with an oil-based solution that structures its shape. Scents and colours can be added using different pigments (similar to food colouring) and essential oils.

Step 3: 
Finally, how do you take care of the flowers? Easy. Eternity Flowers hate sunlight and humidity. For the flowers to last the longest, sometimes even up to 3 years, simply keep them away from direct sunlight, and do not wet them. Only occasionally dusting the flowers when needed.

All in all, at Fleurs D'epargne, there's nothing we would love more than to simply bring back flowers as the go-to choice for classic gifting needs! Eternity flowers are the perfect solution for an everlasting gift that will never be forgotten. To quote one of our favourites, "Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered." 

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