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What Are the Flowers that Last a Year?

The best kinds of gifts are always the ones that transcend time and can be more than just a part of your memory. A box of eternity roses for your loved one or special someone can be just that—a gift that lasts for years so that the recipient can have physical proof of your thoughtfulness that is more than just a memory.

What are these flowers that last a year or more and are rising in popularity around the world? They’re called eternity flowers, which are real flowers that have been preserved using a special treatment that help them stay fresh and beautiful for up to three years.

They come in a variety of colors and boxes for you to choose from depending on the occasion, and they can also be customized for special occasions such as Valentines, anniversaries, Weddings, or Mothers Day. 

There are so many reasons why we gift people flowers—because they’re aesthetically pleasing, smell wonderful, and fill a room with vibrance and tranquility, or because we know that the person receiving the flowers has a soft spot for roses. Here are some other reasons you might want to consider gifting someone a box of roses.

How Can Flowers Last for More than a Year?

Some people may wonder if these flowers are real because real flowers aren’t supposed to last for more than a week after they’ve been cut. That too, if you take special care of them and maintain them so that they don’t start to wilt.

However, eternity roses are actually better than real flowers in so many respects. Not only are they 100% real, they’re also much easier to maintain and stay in great shape for as many as three years.

In fact, if you leave these roses in the box they came from and avoid tampering with them, they’re more likely to stay intact for longer. To learn more about eternity roses, head over to our Eternity Rose FAQ page

The reason why these roses stay in good condition for so long is because they’ve been treated by a special process that removes their natural fluids that help keep a flower upright and fresh. These fluids are then replaced by another glycerine-based substance that makes the flower stay colourful, upright, and keep all its petals intact without needing nutrients from outside.

They stay brightly coloured and vibrant because they’re infused with non-toxic dyes based on a number of colours that you can choose from. These dyes are long-lasting and ensure that your flowers always bring a burst of magic to any space that you place them in.

Final Words

If you’re interested in buying a collection of eternity roses that last from 1-3 years of your own, you can always browse through our collection. We offer an assortment of different arrangements, colours, and boxes according to whatever you’re looking for.

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