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What Are Preserved Roses?

Typically, a rose only lasts for one week after you’ve picked it. The beauty of a real rose doesn’t compare to that of an artificial one, which lasts much longer. However, with a preserved rose—which is a real rose—you can get the ethereal beauty of a real rose combined with the long-lasting powers of an artificial one.

Here’s what you need to know about preserved roses.

What Are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are real roses that have been put through a series of processes that help in their preservation. They are usually grown in a rose farm and carefully picked to only include the finest quality of roses that are then preserved. This helps them stay fresh and vibrant throughout the year—for over 3 years.

These roses are available in a variety of colours according to your preferences, meaning that you can use them for all sorts of events—to decorate a venue or to gift to someone special. The best part about preserved roses is that they preserve the memory of your gift for much longer than a regular rose and can be used for multiple corporate events for the course of at least a couple of years.

How Is a Preserved Rose Made?

Some people are interested in understanding how a preserved rose is preserved in the first place. The process takes time, dedication, and careful precision in order to bring you a collection of roses that last you for as many as three years.

First, the roses are picked when they have grown to their full beauty and appeal in a rose farm in Ecuador. Then, they are transferred to Vancouver where they undergo the process of preservation.

After they have been transferred, every rose is put through a colourization process where its pigment is enhanced in order to bring only the most vibrant roses to be available for purchase. The fresher and more vibrant a rose is when it is preserved, the longer its colour and appeal will last after it has been purchased.

Next, the roses are immersed in a preservation solution that keeps them in their best state for a long period of time. This solution, which is made from a combination of glycerine and elements from plants, ensures that the roses don’t break or become fragile and allows their petals and stem to stay in the same condition as when the rose was freshly cut.

Within a few days of being submerged in the liquid, the sap inside the roses is replaced by the solution and the flowers are ready to be put into arrangements and stay in this condition for the new few years.

Final Words

What makes preserved roses special is that they’re a preservation of a rose or a bunch of roses when they were at their most aesthetically pleasing state. This means that these roses were cut when they were in full bloom and at their brightest. Shop our entire collection of eternity roses and find the perfect gift. 

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